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Summer Fun!

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What do you look forward to about the summer? For me, it’s longer days and warmer weather. As a child we spent many summers down the “shore,” that’s the beach for those of you not from the New Jersey/Philly area. 🙂  We try to continue the tradition by taking our children to the beach as well. I was so excited with our summer collection last year and this sand castle charm. We spent many days building sand castle on the beach.

Life a Beach.jpg

Now, I know not everyone loves the beach. It can be cold, windy, full of horse flies that treat you like lunch and let’s not talk about the sand that gets everywhere! Maybe you’re a mountains family and you love the lake life.

What are your favorite activities?

  • Picnics
  • Carnival or Pier Rides
  • Special treats like cotton candy or funnel cake
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Spending time at the pool
  • Running through sprinklers


I bet there is an Origami Owl locket out there just for you! Check in next week for our summer collection reveal.

You can join my Facebook Page to see what’s new or check out my website for yourself next Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Summer!



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I'm a stay at home mom trying to build my business at night. :-)

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