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5 Reasons Why Spring is a Great Time to Start

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I am a big supporter of direct sales. I think it’s a great way for people to earn extra income on their own time. Now I can find  a reason why anytime is a good time to start, but here are 5 reasons why the spring time is a great time to start your journey.

1. Winter is Over!

People have been cooped up all winter. They would love an opportunity to get out an socialize with their friends and family.

2. New Products

Many companies do a big revamp for the spring (fall is the other time period). That means even if you or people you know are already a fan of your business there will be something new for you to show them.

For example, here is a preview of some of my company’s new release: Origami Owl Sneak Peak Day 1

3. Christmas is in the Past

Many people are still recovering from their Christmas spending in January and February. By the spring people feel more comfortable spending money again.

4. Gift Giving Opportunities

The spring is full of gift giving opportunities. Be the one to help people with their gift giving needs. Examples are baby showers (from those winter babies ;-)), bridal showers, Mother’s Day, graduations, new homeowners.


5. Spring Craft Fairs

Worried about making connects and growing your business? The spring is full of local craft fairs. For as little as $25 you can set up a table and meet new people to expand your business. I’ve had several bookings and new designers from craft fairs.

Whatever you decide, be sure to start your new business with excitement and enthusiasm and it will spread to those around you.

For more information on my business visit my website Katie Tinker Origami Owl Independent Designer #11421077

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I'm a stay at home mom trying to build my business at night. :-)

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