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Just the Facts Pinterest

How many of you are old enough to remember Dragnet, lol. “Just the facts Mame.” Okay I’m not, but I did grow up watching reruns on Nick at Night. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve ever had to deal with food allergies or sensitivities, in my case we need gluten free, corn free, dairy free, nut free and potato free, you know how hard it is to find recipes for things to eat. Let’s face it, you pretty much have to make everything from scratch. Add in the extra complication that the person you’re cooking for is a 4 year old boy who doesn’t always get why he can’t eat something.

Pinterest has been my lifeline! I never would have found things for him to eat like muffins and even doughnuts! However I am getting increasingly annoyed the the pages and pages I have to sift through to get to the recipe. Since when did we feel like we need to give a dissertation on a recipe?



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5 Reasons Why Spring is a Great Time to Start

I am a big supporter of direct sales. I think it’s a great way for people to earn extra income on their own time. Now I can findย  a reason why anytime is a good time to start, but here are 5 reasons why the spring time is a great time to start your journey.

1. Winter is Over!

People have been cooped up all winter. They would love an opportunity to get out an socialize with their friends and family.

2. New Products

Many companies do a big revamp for the spring (fall is the other time period). That means even if you or people you know are already a fan of your business there will be something new for you to show them.

For example, here is a preview of some of my company’s new release: Origami Owl Sneak Peak Day 1

3. Christmas is in the Past

Many people are still recovering from their Christmas spending in January and February. By the spring people feel more comfortable spending money again.

4. Gift Giving Opportunities

The spring is full of gift giving opportunities. Be the one to help people with their gift giving needs. Examples are baby showers (from those winter babies ;-)), bridal showers, Mother’s Day, graduations, new homeowners.


5. Spring Craft Fairs

Worried about making connects and growing your business? The spring is full of local craft fairs. For as little as $25 you can set up a table and meet new people to expand your business. I’ve had several bookings and new designers from craft fairs.

Whatever you decide, be sure to start your new business with excitement and enthusiasm and it will spread to those around you.

For more information on my business visit my website Katie Tinker Origami Owl Independent Designer #11421077

Follow me on Charming Kate Facebook Page for updates and some fun!

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Who Loves Surprises??

I don’t often specifically promote my business here, but this was something I just had to share. Origami Owl just announced an awesome incentive for new designers! The first 250 designers who sign up for the new launch kit on February 18th will receive a little extra something to show off to their friends and family.

In addition, select designers will receive a golden “ticket.” Some of the new kits will contain a golden owl. The lucky designers who find this owl will receive a $500 product bonus. How awesome is that?!

There are so many ways to work your business. I truly believe this could work for anyone. I’m due to have knee surgery in a few weeks so I’m actually trying to move my business to more on-line parties so I don’t have to stop working just because I can’t get out to do parties. I hope to continue that trend so that I can do most of my business on-line and spend more time with my family.

Some people build their business by organizing fundraisers. Now that might not sound very lucrative, but it works for some people.

This is your business and you can work as little or as much as you want/need. Now, don’t get me wrong, you do need to work. This is a business after all. You can’t just sign up and wait for the money to come rolling in and if someone tells you different run! don’t walk away from them.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money I would love to talk and just give you some information and an honest review of what it’s like. Our company is really stepping up their new designer training so even if you’ve never done sales before you’ll have the tools to help you get started. We have a great supportive upline. Let me tell you, having a great upline is absolutely necessary for your success!

I should add that we just launched in Canada last year so there is still room for opportunity up there as well!

If you would like to chat, please feel free to email me at CharmingKate7@gmail.com. You can also catch me on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/CharmingKateT


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Walking a Fine Line

Direct sales, network marketing, social selling or whatever you call it gets a bad rap. It seems like every time you turn around someone is selling something. Then there are those that go above and beyond and hound people to buy, host or join!

But let me ask you this…do you get offended when you see a drink commercial? Do you say, I’m tired of them trying to get me to buy their product? I doubt it! You’re probably like, “Hey I’ll have to check that out next time.” (D&D gets me every time with their tasty creations.) So why not give your friends the same courtesy?

So how does one go about promoting their business without alienating all their friends? We need to walk a fine line of letting people know what you do without being salesy or spammy. Keep things separate, but it’s okay to talk about it from time to time. If I have a good month you bet I’m shouting it from the rooftops. If I’m on a trip thanks to my business, you bet I’m bragging. Heck, if I’m really excited about a new product I’ll share it with my friends, but I hope that I keep those posts rare enough that that’s not all they see from me. Remember you were a person with friends and interests before you joined your company.

I try my hardest not to be spammy, salesy or pushy. I don’t want to be one of “those” representatives, but at the same time I’m sure I’m missing out on some great opportunities. I’m not afraid of hearing “no” so what’s my problem? No one is going to be offended if I ask them if they’d like to take a look at a locket.

We’re all a work in progress and this is my area that needs improvement. Does this mean I’m going to spew my info over everyone I meet? No, although some people do train their people to do that. I’ll patiently wait for a good opportunity to bring it up.

If you would like to see what I do, in a non-spammy way, feel free to check out my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CharmingKateT


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Open for Business!

I went to a wonderful leadership conference with Origami Owl. It feels funny to say I am a leader compared to the others in the company who have hundreds on their team. I am pretty happy with my little team of 4! ๐Ÿ™‚ The days were filled with fun and inspiration and some great training tools. Plus, look at that sunrise! This was in Nevada and I’m on the east coast so I was up pretty early. I figured I’d take advantage of that.

I had my sights set on working my business the best I can (between my day job and 2 little ones at home). I set my sights high. I’m going to host 4 parties a month and sponsor 1 new designer a month. I will be Owlcheiver!!!

THEN I get home to learn about some issues my son is having. Nothing major thank God, but something that needs my attention. Then I had a minor procedure on my knee only to find out there was nothing “minor” about it. They found a bad tear that needs to be repaired. After that I’ll be a brace for a month so that means no home parties! It sucks, but I’m still going to work this the best I can. I’m beefing up my on-line party program so I can continue to work my business. I am determined to make this happen. I just need to stick with it.

Direct sales may be a simple business, but it is not easy. If you’re not out there talking to people and letting them know you’re “open for business,” how are they going to know? So here it is internet world, “I am open for business!”

I would love to help you select a gift for someone special or choose something for yourself. Even better, host an on-line party and earn your selection for free. Please feel free to check out my website to see what we’re all about: http://www.katietinker.origamiowl.com

Heart Lockets


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LEAD me home

I almost started to write this in the heat of the moment, but I’m glad I waited because it would have been a very negative post. I try to stay away from negativity, but sometimes things come up that really make me wish I was home so I could be with my kids more.

I feel like I try so hard to be a great mom, wife and employee. Honestly, I always wanted to be a stay at home mom. I didn’t want someone else raising my kids. There are people out there who’ve lost their kids and would give anything for ONE more second with them.

I was very lucky with my son. I was there for his first word and his first steps, but unfortunately I missed my daughter’s first steps. I found out when I dropped her off one morning and they asked if I saw her walking. My heart was crushed. It took everything I had to not burst into tears. They were nice and sent me a video of her walking, but honestly I wish they hadn’t told me. I told my husband how upset I was and he said he saw her walk the other night, when I was stuck at work late.

I could go on and on about all the times I cried at work because I wanted to be there for my kids for one reason or another, but one thing I can’t stand is someone who complains about their situation, but does nothing to change it. There are people out there who would kill for my “problems” because maybe they’re out of work and can’t pay their bills. Everyone has problems and we are the only one who can change our situation.

This is why I started my direct sales business with Origami Owl. Some people scoff at direct sales (no it is not a pyramid scheme). I see how these companies can change lives. I want that for me (and others who need it too). I want this to be the vehicle I drive to be home for my kids more. Now if I wouldn’t have racked up a little credit card debt, I probably could have quit by now. :-/

I joined Origami Owl just for the money, but I really do love how much of their heart goes into everything they do. Now, I did just come back from a conference so I’m in O2 overdrive. (They must put something in that water!) They asked us our why and what we want from our business. I want to be home. I want Origami Owl to lead me home to my kids! Let’s see if I can make that happen in 2016!