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New Year, New You?

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It’s a new year and many take this time to figure out what they want to do differently than last year. Many people say, “New year, new me!” Well what was wrong with the old you?

I’d like to think of it as “new year, better me.” I’ve let life take over and I feel like I’ve lost who I was in the process. In 2013, I was the best version of me. I was taking care of myself and lost 50 pounds!! I felt more connected with my family and friends. Well then life threw me a curve ball. My knee started acting up which meant no more running, we suffered a few deaths in the family, I became pregnant,  lost that pregnancy, but fortunately became pregnant again. Talk about unlucky 13!

I heard a lot of people talking about intentions instead of resolutions this year. Maybe resolution has become stigmatized because so few people follow through with their resolutions. Resolution has a firm tone, this is something I’m going to do! Whereas intention is more something you plan to do. Maybe people won’t feel so bad if they don’t follow through with something if it was just a “plan.” Of course I always remember the old proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  😉

There are things I definitely need to work on, like working out, getting organized, pay off debt, be a better wife, be a better mom. I could go on and on. I always say, I know what I need to do, I just need to do it. It should be easy right?

Here’s hoping we can all be our best selves in 2016!


Author: tinkeringkate

I'm a stay at home mom trying to build my business at night. :-)

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